Focused on Teaching

Washburn University is large enough to offer a quality 教育 in approximately 200 areas of study. We are also small enough that faculty members will know your name 而且 help you achieve your goals.

male student science classroom

Community 而且 Continuing 教育

Washburn University offers a variety of programs to meet your needs, whether you're a high school student looking for a leg up, a senior who wants to keep learning, or if you want to turn your bachelor's into a Masters Degree.

  • High School Concurrent Enrollment (CEP)
  • 60+ tuition-free audit
  • Online courses
  • Grad Programs

female student at graduation ceremony

Washburn Outscores Other 大学s

Grads of our programs in 教育 而且 allied health as well as those of the School of Nursing have above aver年龄 pass-rates on required licensure exams. 我们的 School of Business graduates consistently outscore peers nationally on major field tests. And our graduate school placement rates in the health professions are above 85 percent.
When you graduate from Washburn University you will be competent in your area of study 而且 be proficient in the five areas defined by our principal student learning outcomes:

  • Communication
  • Critical 而且 creative thinking
  • Quantitative 而且 scientific reasoning
  • Information literacy 而且 technology
  • Globalism, ethics 而且 diversity

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